Josef K. Schmutz

Joe has many interests and advocates for several causes.

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Versatile Hunting Dogs

Joe has bred Large Munsterlanders with his wife, Sheila, since 1977. He was a field test judge for NAVHDA for many years. He helped found the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation. He is active in the Saskatoon Gun Dog Club.

Joe has written many popular articles for various hunting dog magazines. He also writes regularly for the Large Munsterlander newsletter and website. He has also written some articles in German, such as a recent one about Bodo Winterhelt, the Father of the Versatile Hunting Dog in North America.

Environmental Issues

Joe has been a member of the Board of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society and was the first President of the SES Solar Co-operative which began through that organization. He has been involved in Eco-tourism. He was a board member of Public Pastures-Public Interest form 2012-2018.

In early 2019, Joe co-founded the Saskatchewan Outdoor Enthusiasts Alliance to help provide information about the impact of the Saskatchewan Trespass to Property Amendment Act on naturalists, nature photographers, hunters, fishers, environmentalists, hikers and bird watchers.

Conservation Biologist

Joe worked as a conservation biologist for over 25 years. His last appointment was in the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan, from which he retired in August 2014.

He has published many scientific articles regarding conservation biology and hawks during his career. But he also wrote for the popular press.

for further information contact:

Joe Schmutz, Ph.D., B.Ed.

Saskatoon, Canada

phone: (306)382-8964


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