Josef K. Schmutz

Popular Writing about Dogs

Joe has written articles about hunting dogs and training for many years. Some articles appeared in German magazines but most have been published in North America.

Dog Articles in Magazines

" The versatile hunting dog in wildlife research." (1979) by J. K. Schmutz Hunting Dog 14(7):44-45.

"Roots of the German Versatile Hunting Dog in History" (1992) by Josef K. Schmutz, Gun Dog, Oct./Nov. 1992.

"German Versatile Hunting Dogs" (1992) by Josef K. Schmutz, DOGworld, July 1992.

"The Large Munsterlander Revisited" by Josef K. Schmutz,Gun Dog, April/May, 1998

"The Large Munsterlander in North America" by Joe Schmutz and Randy Haines,Gun Dog, October/November 2003, p. 52-57

"Hunting dog ingredients" by Josef K. Schmutz,Pointing Dog Journal March/April, 2007 p. 28-30.

"Wachteljagd in Arizona" by Josef Schmutz (in German) Wild und Hund, June 6, 2007, p. 18-22

"Mearns quail in old mountains." by Josef Schmutz Pointing Dog Journal, Nov/Dec issue, 2008.

"Hunde zeitgemäß züchten: Ein Versuch beim Großen Münsterländer in Nordamerika."  by Josef Schmutz Gesellschaft zur Förderung Kynologischer Forschung e.V., Info.28: 35-37, 2008.

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